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 NOTES ON PATTY STEERE /Connected to Metatron https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=108530894

Look at the date FEOHP LLC purchased the house off Lance Holt .This was prior or while she was living with Antonio supposedly broke and waiting for supposed inheritance ? There is proof of her with Antonio in the UK after the purchase of 1105 Archer St Huston in the form of live hangouts on 15 th June and upto September .
Remember when she returned to USA she lived in another apartment .Why when she supposedly owned the house May 12th ? If She was going to permanently live in the UK why was the house purchase prior to or while she lived in the UK ?   https://i.imgur.com/l7jii1P.jpg
How did FEOHP LLC purchase 1105 Archer St on the  12th May when the company wasn't registered until Dec 1st 2016 https://m.imgur.com/KTsksqc .
The whole validity of Antonio and Pats relationship falls apart because the House was purchased before or while she was living in the UK .Oakley has live hangouts showing Pat living with Antonio after 12 May 2016 the purchase date of 1105 Archer St off Builder Lance Holt .
Why would Pat on her return to the US live in another apartment if she already owned Archer St .
Why does it appear Tim never got any inheritance ?

Google Steerealvarez it seems ( might be wrong ) the fancy house came as part of the Job .
No idea what Alvarez means .Maiden name ,Married name ? 

Every name search of Patrica when you look at relatives never lists Tim the Brother .

Well i got a tip off a few years ago that Tim is not Her Brother so i had a little look around and in a name search it said also known as Patricia Steerealvarez and Francisca Vox .
It's odd Patricia is supposedly inheritance wealthy and yet her supposed Brother Tim sells T Shirts lives Rented and his wife works in a Bar .Did Tim not get any inheritance ? She also told Antonio she was getting $250000 inheritance and as you know FEOHP LLC purchased the House off builder Lance Holt on 12 /5 /2016 for just over 1/2 Million Bucks  and then had it remodelled which is odd .The original advert for the House is still available to view .Why didn't Patricia specify with Lance what colour she wanted the walls etc .Also without any means of income other than a few hundred Dollars from YouTube a Month how was Pat going to pay the shortfall ? The current address that's given now is a rented property at 2900 W Dallas St .

It seems as suspected Patricia had been placed into the Steere family for a instant back story and history .This was propped up by the supposed Dox videos on Flat Earth Truth Channel .Well Jeff Stewart admitted to dlees channel that it was him and Tracy that made them two videos ( Shannon O,Shea thumbnail ) to cement Pat's story .Jeff screwed up on Patricia,s Birth date because David and Judith got married in 66 and Potato Pat was born 63 .Pretty sure in 63 it was not the done thing for s Jewish Girl ,Judith to have Children out of Wedlock .While on the subject of Mum Judith up untill Potato Pat was on Facebook the very last comment on Judith's Wall was by Potato Pat and yet she was not in Judith's Friends list with Timothy Steere .There is another Patricia Steere and that person is from Scotland ? 

I think Potato Pat could only pull off being Child and early Teenage Patricia Steere and Potato Pats eyes are the dead give away .Potato Pat has distinctive uneven eyes and yet Patricia Steere,s eyes are perfectly level ? 

Research Steere Broadcasting and you will find a court case that involves David Steere and a $300000 Promsary Note that wasn't paid ( IOU ) seems David was broke so where did the Inheritance Money come from ? 

Got info on Carolyn Clark and Her Husband who made "Behind the Curve" ( a insult title ) .The Clarks worked for O'Malley Creadon Productions when they made "Behind the Curve" and they can definately be linked to Disney through ESPN and National Geographic channel .
I think the fancy house was purchased by Metatron with Disney money as a backdrop studio for the Hot Potatoes Show and Behind the Curve .

The House was purchased by FEOHP LLC 12/5/2016 and i am pretty sure Pat was in UK with Antonio at that time and claiming to be broke .
It's why Antonio suggested to move in untill Her $250000 inheritance came through .Why didn't Pay show her Landlord legal papers to say she was waiting for inheritance ? .Pat lied to Antonio and her real motive was to get him involved in s UK TV Flat Earth Reality Show directed by Robert Kiviat ( ties to Disney ) .
Pat had "profiled" Antonio and was shocked he instantly refused to be in the TV Show as her romantic Co Star .
To save the show Pat contacted Canadian Adam who was in love with Pat to take Antonio's place .That's when the shit really hit the fan lol .
Adam had not told Pat he had a Girlfriend and it was the Girlfriend who got Her Cousin a Canadian Department of Defence worker to investigate Pat .Pat was told her file had been accessed and the panic started .Adam closed his YouTube channel down and Pat unsure of what Adam might of told Antonio needed him off YouTube and with him her secrets .
Pat used ex Gay Boyfriend Stephen Chess to proxy attack Antonio with aligations of Violent Rape .Most Men would of simply buckled and left YouTube .
Stubborn Antonio refused and then said She was a Man .Adam was told off the record who and what Pat is and because it was all off the record Adam could only tell Antonio the basics that she was a fraud and a Man .I think Antonio then realised why certain strange things about Pat suddenly made sense lol .
In that last Word Press  interview Pat said she never went to the Police because she could not drive a stick shift .Police in the UK in cases of Violent Rape respond to Telephone number 999 which is free .
Also in the Word Press interview Pat as a way of proving she was a Real Woman quoted ex Boyfriend Michael Thompson aka Omni Oris past relationship as proof .Omni Oris is a proud self confessed Gay Man ? 
So Two of Pat's ex Boyfriend,s are Gay and Pat told Omni Mark Sargent is Gay .Mark told Sasha Orphan Red Him and Patricia had sex pre YouTube .Pat found out and that's why Pat used Sunny Peaches to proxy attack Sasha and try and bully her off YouTube and with her the secret Mark had told Sasha .It was me who tipped Sasha off  .I have videos of Omni telling Lord Steven Pat said Mark is Gay and video of Pat grovelling to Sasha after the failed Bullying .
It's very strange a straight Woman having 3  Gay Boyfriends or is it ? 
Makes perfect sense for Transvestite who used to be a Gay Man .
Also in the same Words Press interview Pat said Antonio lied about Pat's bad back and yet Mark said he had to take Pat to the Hospital for a pain killer injection in Pat's Back !!
Sorry for the huge comment but it's so complicated .

BTW When Math Powerland did his Flat Earth Comedy Central routine he said he was paid to do it was Disney money .Comedy Central is owned by Viacom Media Network and they are owned by Disney .
Disney definately own Genesis Communication Network who own Truth Frequency Radio .Every place i look i run into Disney .
Now you know why DIRT David Weiss was able to get on Genesis owned InfoWars . 
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Roxanne now she is on Truth Frequency Radio won't be interested in driving a motor home .
Truth Frequency Radio is owned by Genesis Communication Network who,s top Star is King of Disinfo Alex Jones .Genesis through a chain of Companies is owned by Disney .I recon Ranty is next to join the Truth Frequency Radio Team .Well he did mention Free Masons .
"ALL" the people on Truth Frequency Radio are on Disney wages and therefore "MAINSTREAM MEDIA" 
Everyone on Truth Frequency Radio are "TEAM MATES" of Alex Jones.

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