Thursday, December 30, 2021


He's fro NZ - hence his accent

This link shows the relationship between MigMag and TeamEAS channels

"Question Everything" - Posts place him in Dubai; he is currently promoting himself on instagram in these places. 
MGTV IS HIM - THERE IS NO DOUBT. Screen shots from the SAME album have MGTV logo and his portraits - same that are on Imdb and other of Marcus Goldfinch's social profiles.

To further solidify that these are not coincidences check... this is the link to the archived google album. I got the URL from MGTV's steemd page - it was one of the locations for his profile pic.

BOTH have the multiple logos of MGTV, and the latter even has an image referring to the group Anonymous.

He may also be associated with - that was another source for a profile picture he used. Cryptocurry info hasn't been confirmed, yet. I also have a hunch he may have to do something with the YouTube channel Celebrate Truth.

Aleisa Studio - Production company

FAST AND FURIOUS ACTOR MARCUS GOLDFINCH IS A FLAT EARTHER #flatearthreset #vindiesel #theRock #fastFurious


There's a certain Flat Earther nobody talks about (except for me): Marcus Goldfinch. 

He seems to be attempting to change it to Mark Goldfinch, Marc Paul, but it won't work. 

He was known to Flat Earthers as "MGTV."

He's known to ODDTV, Erica Dubay, Mark Sargent, Patty Steere, Robbie Davidson, and others. They all know this guy because they were part of his "Flat Earth Collective" emailing list and cyber-stalker collective.

Anyway, he's scum and he will pay for his crimes. Also, take a look at his IMDB.....see who is listed as his SPOUSE..

Yep...I have nothing better to do than vandalize the IMDB's of my haters.

Tim Ozman


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Patricia Steere and ILLUMINATI Contract

She's part of and paid by the illuminati , you think there'd be an honest result ???

penny fulton
 @Dawn McNeill  No need for her to forge it : the Gov. agency she works for will arrange that.

Rock Lover
 @Dawn McNeill  and Daphne and Reset The Reason Pat has gone is the Mountain of Lies .Pat hiding that she is probably Trans being the biggest one . Patricia hoped by spreading the rumour of Antonio being a Violent Rapist by ex Boyfriend Stephen Chess ( probably Gay ) it would have Antonio leave YouTube .Most Men would of done that . Antonio's only crime was to fall for Patricia's sob story of going to be homeless and offering his home to Her till her supposed inheritance came through .The inheritance is total Lies for two reasons .Number 1 all Patricia had to do is show her landlord the legal papers of the inheritance going through the legal system .Number 2 ,if Pat is inheritance wealthy why does her "supposed" Brother Tim sell T Shirts ,live rented and his wife work in a Bar ? Did Tim not get any inheritance ? . The real reason and i have video evidence for Pat moving to the UK was to get Antonio involved in a UK TV Flat Earth Reality TV Show directed by UFO fraud Robert Kiviat ( Antonio in my video calls him Robert Fucker ) starring Actors Nathan ,Martin and the other Potato Crew Actors ( All Actors ) .Pat needed a Straight Male as her leading Male in the TV Reality Show and Antonio un beknowinly was chosen by Patricia . Antonio instantly refused and the friendship went sour just as fast .Antonio was blazing he had been used . Antonio having been intimate had strong doubts in his mind about Pat's Gender like not being able to feel hip bones even though Pat is very slim and the shallow dry lady garden . Patricia and the rest of the TV Reality Show Cast panicked and Pat contacted a "Ardent Fan" of her a Canadian Christian ( now not a Flat Earth Believer ) through Skype from Antonio's home .The Canadians ex Girlfriend found out about the Skype messages and wondering just who Patricia was contacted her cousin who works for the Canadian Department of Defence .The Canadian Christian was showed a Laptop information on the Person going by the name of Patricia Steere who received $6000 a month .Antonio was warned by the Canadian Christian to get Steere out of his house pronto .Antonio in a video later went on to say Patrica ,Quote "Works for a Agency Outside the US" The Canadian left YouTube for a long time ashamed he had fallen for a fake Woman . The "Real" reason for Nathan's hate of Antonio is Antonio mortally wounded him in the Wallet .Martin was left in tears his five minutes of Fame dashed and his chance of Acting along the side of his "Pinup" Girl gone ( some one seen a photo of Pat on his desktop computer screen of Pat in a skimpy Nightgown lmfao ) All this info is on my channel called "Flat Earth and Other Hot Potato Show Reality TV Laurel Canyon style Sellouts" .I also have many screenshots to back up my claims . Patricia cannot stop Antonio calling her a Man unless she goes down the legal route .Antonio would then simply get a Doctor involved and that as they say would be check mate ,game over . If Patricia lied about being a Woman she lied about EVERYTHING including being a member of the Steere Family . The Two videos on Flat Earth Truth Channel never struck down by Patricia was made for Patricia by Jeff and Tracy Stewart to give Patricia a history and Back Story . Judith Steere,s frozen FB account ( sadly passed away ) had on it the very last comment by Potato Pat ( now gone because Pat is off YouTube but i screenshot it ) .Strangely Potato Pat is not in Judith's Friends list with her supposed Brother Tim .There is another Patricia Steere ( the real one ) from Scotland ? .Now Potato Pat found out about me finding this and put out the information she once had a Scottish Boyfriend lol . There is not a single photo of Pat in a Radio Station at a Record Deck because to show such a photo would instantly give the game away the real Patricia is a much bigger Lady .There are to my knowledge zero photos of Patricia Steere past early Teens untill Girl is a Gun again for the same reasons as there are no Disk Jockey Photos .Tim Ossman has run tests on the Girl is a Gun photo and he says the tests show it is a Photoshop construct ( pretty sure who did them ,a Pat "Fan" with Black hair and large glasses ) . Isn't it strange Potato Pat has distinctive uneven eyes spotted by Dan Pratt and yet Teenager ,Child Patricia had level eyes ? With the help of Jeff and Tracy Stewart ( got screenshot of Jeff admitting they did the videos to dlees channel ) the history of Patricia Steere put in place .A Jeffery Brent Stewart search asks the question do you know if Jeffery is on a FBI ,Interpol watch list .I shat my pants a kicked off it lol ,taking a screenshot 1st .I do know a person ( i told him )who completed and paid for the search and intends to publish it if Jeff does anymore of his famous hit pieces on anymore victims .Glen Butler aka Flat Earth Vancouver BC was also instrumental in building as opposition Potato Pat's History although to be fair to Glen he did try to get Pat to end his Craigslist Crisis Actors "Contract" many Canadians are involved in .Again i have screenshot and video evidence of Glen Butler trying to get out of his contract ,even down to playing 24/7 hit videos on Patricia ,threatening to expose Patricia and the whole Flat Earth movement .I have a screenshot of Glen threatening to do a hangout and exposing everything including Pat .Glen i don't think realised when he signed the contract the deeper darker agenda behind Flat Earth and wanted out . It's a well known fact agencies place people into Families for a instant "Back Story" The facts are Metatron who has one of the Partners Denis Sluka of Army Camp Fort Totten the double of Mark Sargent registered Flat Earth spyware Phone Apps and Mark Sargent Domain Name two years before they came on YouTube . Fact ,Actor Comedian Math Powerland the 1st "Youtube" Flat Earther in a quickly deleted video ( available ) admitted he was paid by Hollywood to launch YouTube Flat Earth in his words "as a treatment for a movie" .That movie was to become "Behind the Curve" ( derogatory to the intelligence of Flat Earth Believers ) a movie born because Antonio ruined the UK Flat Earth TV Reality Show directed by Robert Kiviat Staring Pat and all the other Potato Actor Crew .Davidson and Skiba are both Actors and there used to be evidence of them having acting auditions on YouTube till they was obviously removed . Math Powerland blew his guts out and told the truth because he got left out "Behind the Curve" it's that simple .He felt betrayed because his acting skills started "Zionist Cass Sunstien,s Cognitive Infiltration" . Back in 2015 I was lucky enough to capture a screenshot of Blaine Bosserman ( still on YouTube ) telling Math Powerland his friend knows Mark Sargent and he works for the Department of Defence .Math a arch enemy of Mark Sargent at that time chose to tellingly sit on the information ,hmmm ?? ,wink Denis Sluka's (double of Mark) Metatron is a subcontractor for the Department of Defence. Have any of you ever wondered how Mark Sargent was able to interview so many Military and in one case get a Navy Missile Guy to post from the US War Ship Missile Room "Earth is Flat" ? when in the same Month a US Navy Sailor got put in prison for posting a selfie from a US Submarine ( Google it ) ,hmmm ??? Unless you subscibe to notion of clairvoyance many questions remain .Clairvoyance like Lance Holt the builder of Patricia house selling it only the one time it was sold to FEOHP LLC a Delaware registered Company ( important fact why Delaware ) in 2016 way before Patricia moved in . The Mountain of Lies about the person posing as Patricia Steere was going to expose EVERYTHING . Patricia WAS THE WEAKEST LINK and she had to be retired before the House of Cards built around her came down . Quite simply Patricia Steere and her Hot Potato Show was a modern day CIA Hippie Laurel Canyon Psyop .The Original Laurel Canyon Psyop successfully DeRailed the Anti Vietnam War Movement back in the 60,s Using sellout Actors and Musicians .The exact same formular Pat's Hot Potatos Show did . It's goal was to DeRail the online 9/11 ,Anti Vaccine and Climate Change Deniers movement . Let me state here and now i fully support 110% the freedom of Speech and Thoughts to believe Earth is Flat . Free Speech is the one weapon the Rich Man's Trick is truly afraid of . The Rich Man's Tricks have always relied on sellout Actors to propogate there lies . FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THOUGHTS ARE SACRED !!!
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Rock Lover
 @Dawn McNeill  Daphne and Reset and Penny The Last time the house sold was 2016 by builder Lance Holt who purchased the wooden house on the land and demolished it .So who ever purchased the house in 2016 from the builder Lance still owns it because 2016 was the last time it sold . FEOHP LLC is a Delawar based Company for this reason .Delawar has its own rules .I will highlight the interesting parts copied of the Delaware web page . While most states require a for-profit corporation to have at least one director and two officers, Delaware laws do not have this restriction. All offices may be held by a ""single person"" who also can be the ""sole"" shareholder. The person, who ""does not need to be a U.S. citizen"" or ""resident"", may also ""operate anonymously"" with only the ""Listing Agent"" with whom the company is registered with Delaware named. So everyone is assuming FEOHP LLC who own the house is Pat .FEOHP LLC can be anyone including a anoynamous person . It's a Film Set for Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatos YouTube Show . Pat's listed as a Actor with Blonde Hair and Blue eyes
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Rock Lover
 @penny fulton  Zionist/Jesuits/Hollywood to destroy by association 9/11 ,Ant Vaccine and Climate Change Deniers movements . She also pushed heath damaging Veganism ( Vegetarians are healthy ) ,MMS , Turpentine drinking and Piss drinking .She also got kick backs from Vegan Cat food manufacturers . Patricia the Animal lover who DeClawed her Cats . A Huston Lady contacted the two Pet Marts in Huston after Pat said the Cats got DeClawed by mistake by a Pet Mart . Both Huston Pet Marts refuse on the grounds of cruelty to declaw cats .The only way they will begrudgingly carry out the surgery is with a signed letter from a Lawyer . Patricia 100% lied and the reason the Cats got declawed was so the film set not her,s Apartment and House didn't get damaged by 3 Cats . Pat put her own gains before the mental health ( look it up ) of the Cats .
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