Sunday, December 12, 2021


Hello Family! Since so many of us are busy with holiday preparations, house searching, travelling and such, we have decided to cancel the Globebusters shows until further notice.

TBH - we are all sort of burned out and disgusted overall with the actions of the community.

All the shill calling, fighting, screaming, and hollering like insane people, dick measuring and being hit with so much hate because we propose different ideas in this community has become nearly intolerable. Why do people have to project so much hate and then take up this stupid "us vs. them" mentality?

Honestly, it makes me want to walk away and never come back sometimes.
Anyway, we think it is best to take some time off and let the insanity the community is experiencing mellow out a little.
I was working on today's show, which was going to be a rather harsh debunking of some people's misunderstanding of the ideal gas law, and I had amassed everything I could ever need to destroy "grocery store delivery boy physics" forever. It then occurred to me that putting that same hatred that had been directed at us and me personally behind the driving energy of my lecture on gas behavior would likely be as off-putting to our audience as it was to me personally.
When Jeran and I created Globebusters, we decided that we wanted this show to focus on the technical workings of the flat earth as well as debunking the ridiculous globe model. Since I am an engineer with 40 years experience in RF, Cellular, Satellite, and Microwave systems, we decided that I would host the show to facilitate our goals. Since then, Globebusters has brought in as panelists some of the very best minds in the FE community. Kirk, from Curious Life, Ben, from Taboo Conspiracy, Jon, TheMorgile, TJ from SmokeScreen Design, Austin from Witsit Gets It, Iru from Nur Para Todos, Zach from gudtims4all, and of course Jeran from Jeranism.

We have always strived to bring you the best technical information available in FE and that remains our top priority.
That being said, I feel that the insane accusations and shill calling that have reared their ugly heads lately need to be ignored and discouraged and we as a community need to get re-focused on why we are here in the first place. This world is a very ugly place full of lies and treachery and we cannot do what we need to do with so much insanity and hatred hanging over our heads. It is for this reason that I have decided to suspend the show for a while so that we may make plans to get back on track with our original intentions for this channel.
I am planning some major changes to the show, and I hope the new version will be more informative than ever.
Until we come back all I can say is please, for the love of God, NEVER go full blown "Grocery Store Delivery Boy Physics" - ever!
I will be correcting a lot of bad information that has been egotistically brought into this community from people with zero understanding of actual science.
Guys, we simply wish that we can get along in this community and be able to agree to disagree when an impasse has been reached. There is no reason whatsoever for shill calling, toe-tagging, calling people agents or child molestation supporters, or even asking everyone how they think your balls taste. Behavior like this comes from uneducated, egotistical, and pathetic human beings that have no business in a place where most of us want to bring people together for the sake of humanity. Also, I would like suggestions from our followers as to what you would like to see us cover. I am planning on Globebusters becoming much more interactive and your ideas will be warmly welcomed.
Cheers Fam! Bob, Jeran, Austin, Iru, Jon, Zach, and Ben


  1. I want you to use your time away to construct a new map. One that isn't debunked like the AE map and all other maps for that matter. Come with a new fresh idea. Please.


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